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Personal Coaching


The Occasion

An occasion to seek coaching is when you want to explore and assess options and opportunities in your work situation.

Coaching is also advisable when you are faced with a negotiating situation that you feel uncertain about. (Although sometimes it might be more advisable to ask for our real time support here).

Coaching offers you the opportunity to gain confidence and mastery in negotiating. You use real live situations to get feedback and advice in a safe and professional context.

The Process

You contact us with your question. We have a conversation to see if our coaching would suit you. Then we design a coaching path with a clear and measurable goal. We schedule regular meetings (online or offline, depending or where you or we are, and on your preference). Feedback by phone, mail or text during the time we work together is always possible.




The Result

The result depends on the goal you have set yourself. What we do know is always a result of a coaching process with us is this: You’ll have more confidence in your abilities, and a clearer view of your possibilities.

Do contact us for a first chat: +31 62 35 45 75 (also on Whatsapp) or at id @ womenandnegotiating.

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