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Keynotes, motivational speeches, workshops

Women & Negotiating offers presentations, ranging from:

  • Short (dinner) speeches
  • One-hour to two hour keynotes or events
  • Interactive workshops of several hours

The occasion can be formal or informal. The presentations and workshops always include specifically designed material corresponding with the clients’ particular situation or wishes, and they are always interactive.

Groups may range in size from small (8-15) to large (200-400). Larger groups of course necessitate appropriate measures. We offer advice on this and could facilitate.

Keynotes on negotiation as seen from the female perspective & gender equality

The keynote presentations below may give you an idea of the subjects we touch on regarding how women experience negotiating. We always offer multiple solutions and practical advice that is immediately useable.

  • Why Women don’t win at negotiating and how they could.
  • Strength beats Power: how to remain confident and deal with situations of unequal power from a position of your own strength.
  • About Self-Confidence, how to find it and apply it.
  • Gender equality: how to achieve it.

Made especially for you

As a rule we design something specific to achieve the goal set by the client for the event. This may be within the format of the prepared keynote presentations, or we make a new presentation on request.

A workshop: for a challenging, real-time dialogue

If the result you require needs challenging and a real time dialogue, a workshop or master class is the right solution. Through a guided interaction this process accelerates professional and personal development. It brings possible constraints and their solutions out in the open in an engaging and applicable manner.

What do people appreciate about our presentations and workshops

People appreciate our presentations and workshops because of our personal and truly interactive, unscripted approach.

The participants always leave with something tangible they can implement immediately in their professional or private lives. In addition they have had a good time.

Your presenters:

Iris Dorreboom

Rudi de Graaf

Iris Dorreboom may be contacted for keynote presentations through the Dutch speaker bureau Zijspreekt.


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