/ Negotiation for women

Why negotiating?

  • Negotiating is a key factor for success.
  • In negotiating personal and professional capabilities come together with direct effects on successful performance.

The right form of negotiating achieves results, invigorates personal and professional ties, and deepens the business relationship.

Why for women?

Professional and managerial women are confronted with a mostly male oriented professional environment. They also have to deal with stereotypical perceptions about the way they negotiate.

Women & Negotiating acknowledges that the influence of the stereotypes is such that it clearly affects, and sometimes even wrecks, the outcome of negotiations.

Deal adequately and realistically with this perception of the differences between men and women and you achieve an equitable and successful process of negotiation.

Women should in fact not negotiate ‘like men’. Neither should they adapt to expectations, habits, and demands that do not suit them. They have to negotiate like themselves, and bring their own personal style, gravitas and strength to the negotiating table.

Women & Negotiating offers the possibility to confidently master this critical skill in a way that is consistent with your talent, personality and values.


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