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Gender Equality:
How to Achieve it

Gender Equality is a popular subject these days. There is really no discussion any longer about the fact that gender equality is a business opportunity, and, if you want to be fit for the future, even a business necessity. 

What does still get discussed is the manner in which gender equality may actually be accomplished. We wrote a report that describes exactly that. Download it here: Gender Equality: How to Achieve it, by Iris Dorreboom & Rudi de Graaf  

As international consultants who did research for years in what works best for organisations, we did the same for gender equality.  

We researched why the effort to achieve gender equality seems to have stalled, or at least does not progress at the speed that was earlier anticipated. We describe the constraints, and how to overcome them.  

More importantly perhaps, we also researched where gender equality was achieved. What are the benchmarks? What were the best practices there? 

The result of our research can be found in our report: Gender equality: how to achieve it. It describes where the challenges lie, and what is needed to achieve gender equality. 

It’s time for gender equality. It is necessary, and it is a business opportunity. That is why, apart from a description of best practices and benchmarks, our report also gives you the necessary practical steps how to achieve gender equality in your organisation.

Please download the report here: Gender Equality: How to Achieve it, by Iris Dorreboom & Rudi de Graaf 








If you want  to assess the state of gender equality and the opportunities in your organisation, we could assist you in several ways: 

1. An in-depth conversation about the best practices and what they imply for your organisation.

2. A quick scan and report to get a clear picture about your situation and its opportunities. 

3. (Strategic) Advice about design of interventions and their implementation.


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