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Career Negotiations: Salary, your future and much more

Career negotiations are not only about salary. Everyday situations and objectives in your work, between you and your colleagues, your team or your boss need to be negotiated as well.

This one-day course aims to supply you with the necessary know-how and confidence to successfully negotiate on behalf of yourself, your career and your work.

The results:

Everything in your work life is negotiable. After participating you will know how to negotiate successfully and with confidence on all issues concerning yourself, your work and your career.

You learn the rules of the game in organisations, you understand the rules, and decide how you want to play the game.

You learn how to achieve your negotiation objectives confidently, successfully, and in a sustainable and relational manner.

Fee and information

1 day

Fee: € 495,- ex. VAT

A personal intake focused on what you want and need, and on your specific situation is part of the preparation.

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