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Introductory Master Class Women & Negotiating

This is an introduction to the practice of negotiation for professional and managerial women. The master class especially features ways in which women can add their personal strengths to negotiating.

This unique master class enables you to become a better negotiator in a very short time.

The results:

  • Gain practical insight in your personal strengths as a woman negotiating in situations of (unequal) power.
  • Experience how even small adaptations can have a big positive impact on your effectiveness as a negotiator.
  • Recognize potential pitfalls and know what to avoid and what to do.
  • Gain confidence in applying what is doable for you in real world negotiating situations.

Fee and information

4 hours (or half a day)

The master class is usually given at the end of the afternoon/early evening (e.g. 1500-1900).

Fee: € 225,- ex. VAT

On demand

This Master Class can be booked on demand and specially designed for your situation as well.

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