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More about The best Negotiator

In this unique two-day course for professional and managerial women you learn all the necessary knowledge and skills about negotiation. You apply this in a way that is doable and suitable for you.

This enables you to act competently and with confidence to achieve better results.

Course elements

I. Preparing for a successful outcome

Preparation is the most important part of any negotiation. Lack of preparation almost inevitably leads to a failed negotiation. In this course you learn how to prepare in the best manner.

Preparation includes preparing mentally and emotionally. Research shows that women who prepare themselves by being aware of their own inner strength reach significantly better outcomes in negotiations.

II. Dealing with situations of (imbalanced) power and different personalities

  • Fit your strategy to the de facto power situation and the person(s) you are in negotiation with.
  • Recognize and accept the de facto power situation and your own position in it.
  • Explore how to understand the strategic and personal interests that play a role in the situations you encounter. Learn how to deal with these elements with confidence, and in a suitable, relationally viable and successful manner.
  • Get to know your own negotiation style and recognize the negotiation style of other people.
  • Learn to use your specific personal strength and become flexible in adapting your own style in an effective response to the style of others.

III. Recognizing negotiating tricks and having your response ready

  • Learn to recognize the negotiating tactics and tricks that trained people may be using when negotiating.
  • Recognize advantageous negotiation moments and opportunities.
  • Know how to anticipate and reach your objectives in a suitable manner.
  • Negotiate competently and confidently for yourself. Take your own needs, motivation and interests into account.

IV. Practice for the real world

Improve your ability to negotiate by joining in practice situations, focused on your particular strengths and situation. You benefit from practical peer and facilitator feedback.

This will help you to be comfortable in any negotiating situation and successfully achieve your objectives and goals.

You will notice it will also facilitate your ability to use negotiating situations to initiate and strengthen relationships with the other party.

These practice situations are part of the entire programme in the form of master classes. They are based on real time situations and situations you want to practice with.

V. Develop a personal approach to negotiating

Develop an approach that is entirely tailored to your needs and goals. Keep improving your negotiating skills, benefitting from your personal strengths and avoiding personal pitfalls.

The possibility of contact and coaching after the training will help you to put the training to practical use and gain new experiences, expanding both your negotiating skills and your confidence in using them successfully.

A personal intake focused on what you want and need, and on your specific situation is part of the preparation.

After course service:

  • Call and online assistance.
  • Individual and/or team coaching.

Structure and location of the course:

This course is held on two consecutive days, with an overnight stay. N.B. The evening of the first day is part of the programme, including an entertaining evening to share experiences and insights.

The location is quiet and in a natural environment.