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Be the best Negotiator you can be

An intensive and rewarding two day course for professional and managerial women.

  • Acquire crucial knowledge insight and experience in negotiation.
  • Practice for real world application in a safe environment.

After this course you have a personal approach to negotiating fitted to your specific demands. You acquired the negotiation skills that enable you to succeed in your professional career and your personal life.

The course is focused on the female perspective and your unique contributions and strength.

The results:

  • Acquire knowledge of all important negotiation skills and know how to apply them.
  • Gain practical skill in responding successfully to situations of (imbalanced) power, make your point and promote your interests.
  • Experience how to use your particular strengths and how to apply them to achieve your goals.
  • Learn what your weaknesses in negotiation may be, and how to anticipate and compensate for them.
  • Practise, find confidence and discover how to succeed in negotiations.

Fee and information

2 days

Fee: € 995,- ex. VAT

A personal intake focused on what you want and need, and on your specific situation is part of the preparation.

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