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We offer you a variety of specifically designed training and coaching opportunities. They offer practical knowledge and plenty of room to experiment and learn to apply what suits your purpose.

With the approach of Women & Negotiating professional and managerial women acquire the skills they need to negotiate in any professional and personal situation.

Our courses are custom-designed, taking into account your current real-time needs and opportunities.

  • After programme advice and assistance.
  • Personal and confidential coaching as follow up.
  • Real time assistance.
  • A unique, truly personal report on your negotiation strengths and how to develop these, and about your pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Discover your choices in our courses

Introductory Master Class Women & Negotiating

A unique master class in the practice of negotiation for professional and managerial women. Become a better negotiator in a very short time.

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Be the best Negotiator you can be (2 day course)

Practical negotiating skills, knowledge and insights for women. An intensive and rewarding two-day course, with plenty of opportunities to experiment in a safe environment and practice for real time application.

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Women and Career negotiations: Salary, your future, and much more

Everything in your work life is negotiable. After participating in this 1 day course you will know how to negotiate successfully and with confidence on all issues concerning your work and your career.

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Women & Negotiation: Dealing with Pitfalls

After this one-day course you deal effectively with all the pitfalls women in general meet in negotiations. You learn what these are specifically for you and how to handle them.

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Women & Negotiating: Dealing with Power

After this one-day course, you deal confidently and realistically with situations of (unequal) power. Use evidence-based best practices to gain leverage in situations that are important to you.

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In-house, custom-made training, coaching & advice:

For companies we supply training, coaching and advice adapted to the special requirements and circumstances of the company and the participants.

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