Our goalsĀ 

The goal of Women & NegotiatingĀ is to establish a first-class training, coaching & change company. We offer services to professional and entrepreneurial women seeking the right support to accomplish vital aspirations. This is achieved through individual and small group sessions, result-commitment projects, and personal retreats.

For organisations that assume gender equality is a critical success factor to strategic execution and long-term success we offer advice, training, coaching, and consulting. In this regard negotiating in the broadest sense has demonstrated to be a measurable lever under change and, indeed, high performance.

Negotiation as a lever under high performance

The competence to negotiate improves individual self-confidence, strengthens self-efficacy and therefore increases the capability to achieve results. Considered together, this leads to self-responsibility in taking action for improvement.

When negotiation is strategically applied as a means for progress it nudges personal and organisational practices towards overcoming constraints and achieving goals.

One of these goals is gender equality, but then foremost as a lever under the particular competitive advantages of an organisation.

Online services

One of the instruments Women & Negotiating will deploy is to offer online tools. These tools are aimed at learning and applying skills that are key to personal and organisational success. Besides negotiation other critical success skills we will develop resources for are:

  • Handling Conflict productively
  • Decision-making & execution
  • Meaningful leadership & accomplishing goals

The tools are suitable both for individual application in accomplishing goals and utilization in organizational development, interventions, and strategic execution.

Informative white papers with online and confidential advice

In March 2019 we will publish a research report about gender equality in organisations, its critical success factors, how to implement it and why it improves performance. Round tables and online tools will accompany the paper.

Other papers will follow. These papers will be about:

  • How people regard negotiation.
  • What people experience as a conflict and why they assume you can’t properly deal with a conflict without personal and career loss.
  • What people regard as flaws in the decision-making process in organisations, and what is required to overcome its constraints.

All papers indicate what may require professionalising and what the pay-off will be once you take the necessary steps.


In the course of 2019 we will organise a series of round tables to acquaint you with who we are and our proposition. They are conducted as a master class around a specific issue or on the basis of a research paper.

This invitation is for self-employed professionals and entrepreneurial women as well as managerial women. Although we focus on women, men are invited as well. It is an issue concerning all and we see it as instrumental to a sustainable future.

The round table events start at 15:00 and finish at 18:30 with a buffet, refreshments and the opportunity to network.

You are cordially invited!