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About us

In 1989 we founded Beyond as a niche consulting, change, and coaching firm. Beyond adds value to how people collaborate. Women & Negotiating is an off-shoot of Beyond. It originated in our experience that INCREASING THE CONTRIBUTION MADE BY WOMEN’S TALENT is good for women – and for the companies they work for or run.

In our three decades of international experience negotiation proved to be the critical success factor for our clients. This led us to the practice of Women & Negotiation.

During these years, we have acquired in-depth knowledge, experience and insight about negotiating.  We enable women to apply negotiating successfully to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Dr Iris Dorreboom
Managing partner
+31 623 35 45 75

Dr Iris Dorreboom is a change consultant and a team & leadership coach for the company she co-founded, Beyond. Founder of Women & Negotiating, Iris now focuses on advising professional women on how to achieve more. Before she entered the business world, Iris worked as an academic historian. She took her drive to find out more with her. That’s what led to researching – together with Rudi de Graaf, her partner in Beyond – how to achieve gender equality in organisations. This resulted in the report ‘Gender equality – how to achieve it’. (Click on the link to download the report). Iris works internationally and lives in the Netherlands and France.

When she is not working , she’s probably out walking, (or reading a book, or having a conversation around the kitchen table, or discovering the wonderful world of music through Spotify…) She is married to her best friend.

She’d love to talk to you, so please contact her at +31 623 35 45 75, or at id @ womenandnegotiating.com

Iris Dorreboom