About us

In 1989 we founded Beyond as a niche consulting, change, and coaching firm. Beyond adds value to how people collaborate.

During our three decades of international experience negotiation proved to be the critical success factor for our clients. This background led us to the practice of Women & Negotiation.

Beyond has acquired state of the art knowledge, in-depth experience, and leading edge insight about negotiating. We have consistently shown to enable individuals and organizations to apply negotiating successfully to accomplish (professional) goals.

Women & Negotiating originated in our experience that increasing the contribution of women’s talent in companies is beneficial to the individual and to the company. Since the similarities between men and women are far greater than the contrasts, the benefits for men are similar.

Beyond organizes seminars, webinars, interactive lectures, master classes, and motivational speeches.

For organizations we design tailor-made training and coaching programmes. These are designed with the end result as goal. Additionally, we run individual instruction and coaching programmes.

As a supplement to the negotiation focus we offer specific training and coaching in handling conflict productively. To many people a key factor in dealing with negotiation issues is to learn to deal with conflict confidently and productively.

Dr Iris Dorreboom
Managing partner
+31 623 35 45 75

Since 1989 Iris works as a self-employed international consultant, coach, and facilitator of change programmes. In the last decade a private practice in enabling women to excel in negotiating grew into the unique approach of Women & Negotiating. Iris is dedicated to excellence and serving clients to achieve their personal and professional goals. Ask for a private consultation and experience this. id @ womenandnegotiating.com   +31 623 35 45 75

Iris Dorreboom